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New Year, New Brand and the Same People

As 2023 kicks off, I am sure most of us are grateful to have spent some quality time with family and friends over the Christmas break, or even have gotten away for a nice little holiday. I know I am - and thankfully without having to worry about COVID rules either! Though with the start of a new year, now is the time I am going to make sure I get my house in order so that I know I can kick off the year with a clear plan of what is on for me for 2023. To do this, I'll be looking at my Clarity Plan and using a tool I learnt a few years ago, being the 15/80/5 rule - which is essentially:

  • Spend 15% of your time reflecting back on the year gone (i.e. reflect on what worked for 2022, what didn't and what did I learn);

  • Spend 5% looking into the future (i.e. from what I learnt in 2022, what will I build on and what will I do differently in 2023 and what's my plan for the year ahead, both personally and professionally); and

  • Spend 80% of my time being present and in the moment and making the most of my time

Most importantly, this helps remind me of the importance of being present with family and friends creating awesome memories as well as spending a little bit of time planning for 2023. Paul


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